Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahab (1703-1791)
oleh Luthfi Assyaukanie
12 January 2004

Abd al-Wahab’s works have a thick theological nuance (ílm tauhid) and therefore many people consider him more as a theologian rather than a faqih (master of Islamic jurisprudence) or mufassir (master of Quranic interpretation) even though he also ...

The Urgency of Being a Progressive Muslim Averroes In Memoriam
oleh Zuhairi Misrawi
05 January 2004

Last December several cultural and philosophical institutions commemorated the death of an imminent Muslim philosopher, Averroes (Ibnu Rushd). The Goethe institute headquarter in Berlin-Germany also granted the Averroes award to Muhammad Arkoun who ...

Fatima Mernissi:: Rebel for the Sake of Women
oleh Nong Darol Mahmada
10 December 2003

Mernissi experienced an upheaval in her thinking. Yet despite the merits of the nationalists who allowed women to get an education, Mernissi admitted that many ideas of Arabic nationalism are still to be accomplished. Polygamy is not yet forbidden, ...

Khairuddin Al-Tunisi
oleh Luthfi Assyaukanie
15 June 2003

The book explains about the history, social-political structure, and the power of European countries. By providing the general illustration about the history and social structure of European society, Khairuddin tried to remind his muslim readers ...


Tema: Islam dan Liberalisme
Abdul Moqsith Ghazali
A. Rumadi
Luthfi Assyaukanie
Musdah Mulia
Ulil Abshar-Abdalla
05  –  26 April 2013 (setiap hari Jumat)
Teater ...
Undangan “Kuliah Pluralisme” Jaringan Islam Liberal

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Abdul Moqsith Ghazali
Luthfi Assyaukanie
Musdah Mulia
Ulil Abshar-Abdalla
Teater Utan Kayu, Jl. Utan Kayu Raya No. 68 H, Jakarta Timur

08 Februari – 01 Maret 2013
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